3D Vision for
your Robot!

Flexxibility Multiplied!

Introducing flexx2, a highly flexible and advanced Time-of-Flight 3D camera designed to seamlessly integrate depth sensing and machine vision into your product.


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An entry-level yet robust USB3-connected 3D depth camera perfect for development, research, and mass production, making 3D vision integration effortless.

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Unboxing experience

Dive into the world of advanced 3D imaging with your first look at the "flexx2" Time-of-Flight camera development kit. Whether you're a seasoned developer or a curious enthusiast, the flexx2 invites you to explore the frontier of 3D technological advancement. See what's in the box.

Applications and Use-Cases
One sensor. Endless options.

  • Autonomous Navigation
  • Environmental Mapping
  • Feature Tracking
  • Gesture Control
  • Night Vision
  • Object Recognition
  • SLAM, Obstacle Avoidance and Cliff Detection
  • Real 3D Volume Measurement

Flexxible Development Options
Three ways to flexxibly scale!

01 Develop

flexxible family

Experiment with setups, explore 3D data, and kickstart your projects with our best in class 3D ToF cameras.

  • Best in class 3D ToF USB camera kits
  • flexxible for research, development and mass production

02 Deploy

flexxible DevKits

Utilize ARM platforms like RasPi for more complex development kits or deploying prototype projects.

  • Develop or deploy on multiple ARM platforms
  • Prototype, try, adjust, prepare
  • Build low-volume charges

03 Scale

flexxible scalability

Leverage the pure MIPI/CSI2 ToF camera module for customized, form factor, and price-optimized mass production integration.

  • Scale, integrate, customise

Depth-Data and Infrared View
What you get out of the flexx2

  • Out of the box, the flexx2 gives you a stream of depth-data with precise distance information from each pixel, a 3D pointcloud as visual representation of the scene, and an infrared 2D image that is independent of external light. These data streams are the foundation for a lot of different use-cases like:
  • Powerful SDK
    The flexx2 comes with our powerful pmd Software Suite "Royale Viewer" and the "Royale API". We support many different software frameworks, libraries, and programming languages out of the box. Start developing with ROS 1/2, Python, OpenCV, OpenNI2, Matlab, Windows, and Linux/ARM. Just to name a few.
  • Royale SDK

  • Real Time Data
    ToF cameras provide real-time depth sensing, allowing for quick and accurate measurements. This makes them suitable for applications that require fast response times, such as augmented reality, robotics, and gesture recognition. 
  • Aligned depth data and IR data
    Depth data and IR data are based on the same set of rawdata and so they are perfectly aligned in both time and spatial domain. This offers advantages for image processing such as object detection and tracking.
  • Low-light and night vision capabilities
    ToF sensors emit their own IR light and measure the reflected light to determine depth. This feature allows them to work effectively in low-light or even complete darkness, making them suitable for applications such as night vision cameras, security systems, or monitoring devices.
  • Robustness to environmental conditions
    ToF sensors are less affected by environmental factors like ambient light, temperature, or humidity compared to other depth sensing technologies. This makes them more reliable and consistent in various settings, both indoors and outdoors.
  • Compact Design and low system complexity
    ToF sensors are compact and can be integrated into different devices and systems easily.
  • Powerful API and easy-to-use Viewer App

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