flexx2 3D Development Kit
Flexxibility Multiplied!

pmd flexx2
3D Camera Development Kit

  • The Depth Sensing Kit flexx2 is the peripheral, USB3-connected embodiment of a depth sensor. It features our latest 3D ToF sensor with 38k 3D pixels, flexible working ranges, flexible framerates, and reduced depth noise. The perfect tool for developers who want to be ahead of their time.
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A Successful Journey
From Drones to Space Station

  • A successful journey
    Building on the success of the now-discontinued “PicoFlexx”, which already brought 3D depth-sensing technology to the hands of thousands of developers worldwide and even to space, we are happy to share the newest member of our 3D Sensing Family with you. The flexx2.
  • Countless exciting and industry-changing projects are built upon the flexibility and reliability of our 3D Development Kits and make use of the high-quality depth data from Infineon’s IRS2381C REAL3™ Time-of-Flight Image Sensor.

What is new?
Same look, completely redesigned.

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  • Better depth-sensing performance with 38,000 3D pixels
  • 56 x 44 degree Field-of-View
  • Upgraded VCSEL emitter from 850 to 940-nanometer wavelength
  • Increased sunlight robustness and outdoor performance
  • A new, more robust USB 3.0 Type-C port
  • Multiple new built-in user modes
  • Precise measurements from 10 cm up to 4 meters
  • Updated software development kit “Royale”

Now available!

The flexx2 is now available to order through our partner Automation24. If your project requires larger quantities, please use the form below to get your individual quote from us.

Payment Options and Shipment

We are closely working together with our distribution partner Automation24. Their experts will process the ordering, payment and shipment of your development kit. With their help, we can offer you fast, worldwide shipment as well as many different payment options and a secure state of the art ordering process. If you have any questions regarding the ordering process, do not hesitate to contact them directly

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