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O3R Perception Platform

The O3R Perception Platform is designed to increase application flexibility and reduce development friction for multi-modal and multi-camera applications.
Better environmental awareness leads to more flexibility and better overall operation of an AV.

The same capability should exist for the Mobile Robot industry.

For this to become a reality, challenges in multi-modal, multi-camera applications, including sensor synchronization and fusion, must be mitigated.
The only way to reduce Total Cost of Ownership for perception platforms is to simplify the design and integration of multi-modal systems.

The O3R perception platform was designed to fulfill this task.

Industrial grade 3D Cameras
Complete ecosystem. From imager to solution to integration.

  • From industrial grade 3D cameras like the O3D and O3X, to full perception platforms like the O3R. ifm offers the right variety of perception hardware for most robotic and industrial applications.

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O3R Perception Platform

O3R 2D / 3D head Specifications OVP vision processing unit Specifications
3D image sensor pmd 3D ToF chip Ethernet ports 2x 1 GigE
3D resolution 224 x 172 pixels Camera ports 6x proprietary 2D/3D camera ports
3D field of view 105 x 78 º Power 24 VDC and CAN
3D light source 940 nm infrared USB ports USB 3.0 + USB 2.0
2D image sensor RGB    
2D resolution 1280 x 800 pixels    
2D field of view 128 x 80 °    
Max frame rate 20 fps    
Range 0.2...4 m    

Reduce friction in software development

  • Linux is the most commonly used OS in robotics. Auxilliary devices must speak the same language.
  • Containers allow the developer full flexibility in programming language and environment.
    Development time is reduced when using familiar software environment.
  • ROS is a common middleware used in development. ROS2 provides the potential to move from development to deployment.
  • Powerful tools such as CUDA and Jetpack are fully deployable on the NVIDIA-based VPU.

Visit the ifm Developer's Portal to get access to documentation and resources to start developing for the O3R Perception Platform.

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