Royale SDK - Tutorials
Build your first depth-sensing application

With the launch of our new 3D Camera Development Kit flexx2, the developer community around our Royale Software Development Kit (SDK) and Depth-API is growing every day. We made a set of tutorials to get you started with the fundamentals of the Royale Viewer, Data Recording, PointClouds, our powerful API, C++, or how to set up ROS2.

We are adding new tutorials over the coming weeks.

Learn how to install and use our Royale Software Development Suite.
Learn how to build your own C++ application to start development of your own depth-sensing app.
Learn how to use and set up ROS2 with your pmd 3D camera.
How to run our 3D camera on a Raspberry Pi

Code Examples
Advanced Tutorials

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This example shows how to detect objects in an image using Royale's Python wrapper and the pre-trained YOLO network. The YOLO related code was inspired by this.

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We are excited to announce the release of our latest software version, Royale 5 as a free update.

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This tutorial demonstrates, how to use different functionalities of the Point Cloud Library (PCL) together with our Royale Software, when using the flexx2 3D camera development kit.

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Of the many kinds of 3D depth sensing technologies on the market, this blog article will explain the differences between stereo, structured light and time-of-flight, as they are the most prevalent technologies right now.