Royale SDK - Tutorials
Build your first depth-sensing application

With the launch of our new 3D Camera Development Kit flexx2, the developer community around our Royale Software Development Kit (SDK) and Depth-API is growing every day. We made a set of tutorials to get you started with the fundamentals of the Royale Viewer, Data Recording, PointClouds, our powerful API, C++, or how to set up ROS2.

We are adding new tutorials over the coming weeks.

Learn how to install and use our Royale Software Development Suite.
Learn how to build your own C++ application to start development of your own depth-sensing app.
Learn how to use and set up ROS2 with your pmd 3D camera.

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Ask a pmd 3D Specialist

If you experience technical issues with your Development Kit or have questions on how to use the 3D camera or the Royale SDK, write us a ticket. A pmd Technical Support Specialist will get in touch with you soon.